Ministry of Healing

We believe that this ministry of healing in the name of Jesus Christ is not time expired, and, when exercised by people of faith and compassion, continues to bring life and joy to many people. We know that sometimes God works in a person’s life in ways other than how we expect; sometimes wholeness comes first at a deeper level and physical healing flows from that. There is a mystery in it. With healing we have to let God be God, though we reasonably ask for what we want, however he does it, we see God working as we pray in the name of Jesus; and so many people need to experience God’s working in their lives. Healing is at the heart of Jesus’s ministry, for us, for our communities and for Creation. Healing is about becoming whole, in body, mind and spirit. It is about new life, not just about ‘more of the same.’

Christ heals, meeting people at their point of need, as we see throughout the Gospels. In Acts, we see his friends continuing to fulfil that commission, by bringing people and the world into new and abundant life in his name. As Christians we are to continue this, by offering people a safe space to heal, in love and prayer.

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The healing ministry of Jesus

It’s Christ’s very nature to love us and to heal. Having given the situation to God, we are to remain aware of God’s love and care, even when we do not understand it or see the outcome we had longed for. However, healing may gradually become apparent through inner transformation and growth.

The practice and commitment to the healing ministry of Jesus is as important today as it was, because the world and its people need to experience, and well as to hear, that God loves them.

“It is apparent in Scripture that the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of human beings are closely interconnected. Christ’s work of reconciliation extends beyond the purely personal and relational to the social order and the whole creation (cf Colossians 1:15-27). The Gospels use the term ‘healing’ both for physical healing and for the broader salvation that Jesus brings…Healing, reconciliation and restoration are integral to the good news of Jesus Christ”

All times those involved in healing ministry should be aware that they are dealing with vulnerable people, whose needs may make them susceptible to emotional pressure or suggestion. We need to be aware of the limits of our own competence; to recognize when medical or other referrals are indicated; and to have appropriate supervisory support in place.